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Powerful Talent Intel and Data-driven Insights to Build Trust and Deliver Better Outcomes.

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Save hundreds of hours of time and deliver more strategic impact.

Provide services value with AI that weren't possible before without large budgets or sizable headcount.

Provide domain expertise across multiple areas at once.

Like having a 24/7 team of sourcers, marketers, branding experts, and researchers on-demand.


Implement a predictable talent intelligence program.

Elevate talent engagement organization-wide with repeatable easy-to-implement programs. 


Reallocate time to its highest value activities - people.

More time for the most important thing - building relationships with stakeholders for better outcomes.

QueriesAI Sets the Bar for the Highest Quality.

Connect to see a live demo of the QueriesAI AI Talent Intelligence Platform. 


AI Talent Intelligence Software that Supports Your People Achieving Higher Quality Outcomes.

Discover Key Talent with the Push of a Button

Harness the power of our AI-powered Talent Intelligence platform to discover key talent for each unique opportunity that comes your way. Our innovative solution does not merely present a list of potentially suitable people; it propels your decisions by highlighting individuals who truly stand out. What's more, it also uses an innovative career pathways construct fthat fosters deeper connection with each result. 


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Uncover Meaningful Insights into the Reality of all Your Talent and Deliver Better Experiences

Step into the future of decision making with our AI-driven solution packages. These are designed to not only expand your knowledge, but also reveal hidden patterns and trends. These solutions empower you to consider what's more than possible by observing a complete picture of a situation.This deep dive into enhanced knowledge opens new frontiers for your organizational growth.

Access a Unique Package Delivery System for 360° Stakeholder Alignment and Tailored Collaboration

Experience seamless collaboration propelled by our unique Package Delivery System. This feature supports alignment of all stakeholders, creating a mutual understanding of the reality of each engagement. By facilitating realistic shared model of what is possible based on the data, QueriesAI paves the way for more effective/efficient work - it’s an innovative pathway towards collective growth and success.

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Work with a Simple-to-Use Web Software that Naturally Builds AI Fluency for all Your People

Encourage your people to explore a AI world where complexity gives way to simplicity and innovation fuels your growth. The change won't happen overnight, but our features have been carefully designed to help ease this shift and make use of AI natural. This helps promote an understanding of AI, setting up conditions for an environment in which your workforce thrives amidst rapid technological advancement.


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QueriesAI is Your Solution for AI Talent Intel.

Create or Programmatically Add

You can add information directly in the QueriesAI web interface in under a few minutes or have it automatically done for your by AI.

Let the QueriesAI platform work

Our software automatically begins its smart queries process doing tens of thousands of independent processes per run.

Solution packages delivered

Packages delivered directly into your system of record and available within our platform - our team of experts ready to help.

— Packages delivered next business day —

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Higher quality
Quicker time to market
Consistent and scalable